ESOH: Sweeping

After a while, the opinions of music bloggers gain some sort of currency, however misinformed, skewed or inane they may be.

As John Huston’s (evil) character pointed out in Chinatown:

 Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.

If that is true, as a music blogger of four-and-a-bit years, my respectability may well stand somewhere between whore and ugly building status, and frankly, that feels comfortable enough.

But still, I do hesitate before making statements like the one that is about to follow: after all, what the hell do I know?

So, with that in mind, here goes: there seems to be a whole bunch of interesting, confident and winsome dance music emerging from western Russia at the moment. Whoah, sweeping.

Which brings us to Esoh, from Saint Petersburg  who makes Twin-Peaks-dream-like bass music.


Taby Brap is the sort of song I find perplexing in a number of ways: testing my innate aversion to genre-de-jours, zappy synths and kitch samples all at once.

And yet, this is satisfying, fun and involving – just as all dance music should be. You might shirk from its various components, but it’s hard to deny that this sounds like a good time encoded in mp3 form.


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