Tecnii aka Zhiravf: “Eight Months Is A Long Time”

One of the mild cruelties of running a blog that emphasises newness and novelty is the pain of finding a fabulous song, but being unable to feature it here because it’s – whoah – eight months old.

Eight months, of course, in today’s new music terms, may as well date a song to the Mesazoic era, thus rendering it useless and – worse – passé.

And there is little worse in these heady days of peering around the musical corner and shouting “I saw them first!” than preaching the virtues of a song that is as old as a fully-gestated human baby.

So, tough luck, Tecnii aka Zhiravf, who made this excellent slice of bass-heavy proto-groove over half a year ago, grandad:


It’s hugely important to note for the sake of completism that Tecnii aka Zhiravf is not today’s new band, right? Right? Oh, what the hell, who am I kidding?

Luis X X showcases the kind of rumbling, dense-yet-light, curious-sample-laden song that was all the rage eight months ago, and is now, of course pitifully out-of-date. To these ears, it’s a deliriously good song, urgent and lazy, bright spikes and dulled edges; always hinting at unleashing the brown note.

NB: I was momentarily tempted to bundle another new/old band in today’s post, namely (Rodja), whose songs are a less agonising two months old, and whose inclusion would have brought the average song-age down to four months.

Then I realised how endlessly tragic that would make me (but I did it anyway, just in case).

MORE: soundcloud.com/zhiravf

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