Osian Rhys: Standards Slipping Upwards

It’s not even worth pretending that ANBAD does not have a soft spot for Welsh music. Better to embrace these little weaknesses, right?

Not that anyone could ever, in all honesty, find any negative connotations to anyone having a bias towards the music of a minority language?

This becomes especially irrelevant when you realise that Welsh lends itself so beautifully to wistful, lilting songs like Osian RhysA Oes ‘Na Le (I Oeri Gwres Fy Nghalon). Yes, I typed that correctly on the first go.

The (coincidentally) Welsh music critic, Simon Price recently suggested in a radio interview that we’re now elevating and celebrating singer-songwriters merely for having the ability to play a guitar and sing their own songs, whilst looking pleasant. His argued that songwriting standards have slipped.

Well, Osian Rhys makes gorgeous folk songs, written and sung on a guitar. Maybe he agrees with Simon. Maybe Osian isn’t photogenic enough (although I’m sure he’s super-handsome – he sure does have good hair).

Either way, A Oes ‘Na Le (I Oeri Gwres Fy Nghalon) is astonishingly beautiful; a song that creeps into your life and wraps a warm but worried pair of arms around your thoughts.

There are times when guitar-based music re-affirms itself. For this listener, these moments become increasingly infrequent. But Osian has produced one of them. Lovely.

MORE: soundcloud.com/osian-rhys

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