Nix Wukkas: Post-Average-Step

Returning to the world of new music after a holiday is always a curious thrill: what new, ludicrous genres have been spawned during a week in the sun?

Spam-hop? A/B Test-Step? Speak & Spell-House? Battenberg Metal*?

It speaks volumes for both music today, and consumers’ response to it that all of these inane suggestions may well have been formed, admired, mocked and discarded in the past week, and few people would have batted an eyelid.

Therein lies, of course, the maddening beauty and lunacy of new music right now: anything is possible, in any format, and any manner of dreadful and/or lovely music may be a consequence.

So who knows how Nix Wukkas classes himself really? He may well label his spazmoid-heavy, junkshop-cluttered tracks “glitch house” (urgh!) or similar in public, but behind closed doors – well, who knows?

Shuttle-house? Ping-Pong-Hop? Housefire-Breaks?


We may never know. All we do know is that Thrust is clearly the result of hours of experimentation, blind faith and dumb luck: samples flourish and implode at will. The song thumbs its nose at Dubstep with some heavy buzzing noises. Beats judder all over the place, and repeats itself so endlessly that the song eats itself.

Thurst is a partial success, but that’s the point – if this song was complete, it’d be so drearily average.

*As brilliantly suggested by Chris @ Metaphorical Boat

3 thoughts on “Nix Wukkas: Post-Average-Step

  1. Honestly i love his music. i find it to be a bit different, its his own style. Which i think is why its hard for him to truly entitle any form of genre to his tracks, oh and he didn’t call anything of his “glitch house” but nice try.

  2. Hi Mark – You misunderstand me: I’m praising his work. I don’t write about bands/artists I don’t like. Read other posts for context.

    (My point, if you missed it, is that all interesting music is only a partial success, and rightly so.)

    Also, if an artist labels his music “Electro House/Electro Glitch” on his Soundcloud page, condensing that into “Glitch House” is not an enormous intellectual leap :)

    Thanks for reading,


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