Buhay: An Endless Trickle

Here at ANBAD Towers, we’re thoroughly enjoying the endless glut of spaced-out, bass-heavy, house-esque music that’s appearing in a steady, endless trickle at the moment.

Steady, endless trickles of links to enjoyably laid-back Soundcloud streams of gentle house music are fine in my book.

If I ever get bored, I just imagine it is 2007 all over again, with a steady stream was of emails containing huge mp3s of third-rate Landfill Indie impostors, and suddenly all seems hunky-dory again.

Today, it’s Buhay’s turn to sooth my ears. “Buhay” may or may not be pronounced “Boo-high”, though I can also imagine legitimately saying it as “Buoy”, “Boo-hay”, or, let’s face it, “artichoke”. It’s just about as feasible as the others.


Snide comments on the artist’s name aside, Hallelujah undoubtedly is a minor thrill… heavy, swampy and dense; but light, drifting and delicate: everything you’d expect and hope for from a new, savvy musician right now.

Buhay recommends that Hallelujah is listened to “with headphones or a giant subwoofer.” A smart move, I concluded, as I happily allowed the song to wash all over me.

MORE: boo-high.tumblr.com


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