Alexander NedElenKo: Techno Librarian

One of life’s agonising truths is that sometimes, only minimal techno will scratch that aural itch inside your brain.

It’s not always minimal techno, of course – sometimes it’s something as inanely amazing as Boomin’ Granny.

But I find that, more often than not, it’s the strictly repetitive delirium of minimal techno that seems to reorder a chaotic mind into something more organised and happy, a bit like a librarian re-ordering shelves full of Tintin books, albeit whilst ferociously trampling over the ‘silence’ rule.

Thus, Alexander NedElenKo’s music is part new band, part brain-salve, part four-to-the-floor thumper.

The beautiful thing about music found within the minimal genre is that songs are allowed to build slowly, obtusely, and weirdly; all whilst giving sounds time and space to breathe and develop.

If nothing else, songs like Alexander NedElenKo’s Old Tree Play This is shooting roughshod against the grain: how often today can a band or a song release music that intrinsically begs for time, thoughtfulness and investment into the overall sonic experience?

The point is thus: even if you don’t like the music itself (although you probably will), you’ll admire the gentle and pointed progression of its unfolding. Great.


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