Sculpt: Rummaging In Rock’s Junkshop

One of the more satisfying and slightly unexpected results of the burgeoning movement of solo artists’ laptop-pop is these inventive minds’ keenness to re-investigate and re-use old, discarded sounds that were long condemned to rock’s junk pile.

Thus the outpouring of deeply individual and weird  music from artists such as Sculpt may well be stuffed with odd noises that you’d previously hoped to have seen the back of: slap-bass, vast synth stabs, reedy Strat shimmers.

Deece compiles all of these curios into one brilliant morsel, daring, groovy and brilliant. Yes, groovy: here’s a song with a groove so deep you could divert a fleet of trucks through.

At the same time, Sculpt manages to create bass sounds that are so deep and wet, they were possibly recorded at the bottom of a well. It’s a brilliant display of deft sonic selection and compilation.

These individuals, these solo technicians, are the real drivers behind pop music’s push into the future. And seeing as every movement needs a genre, we could call it Individual Pop, or Indie Pop for short. Oh, wait…

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