MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 11th July 2012

No one expects the UK to have good summers.

But this one is particularly woeful, combining the appearance and feeling of being trapped inside Tupperwear.

Thankfully, Alex James is trying to push back the drizzle using the only technique he knows: the liberal application of molten cheese.

And if that doesn’t work, today has birthed three new musical devices to cheer up the UK’s miserable music lovers.

Firstly, Internet-straddling uber-aggregator Hype Machine has launched a UK-specific home page that shows exactly what’s happening on the UK-based blogs.

Secondly, Music Robot is a brand-new whizzy website that pulls together the feeds of a selection of the UK’s music blogs (of which, incredibly, ANBAD is one).

And thirdly… well, OK, the third one is this week’s Midweek Mixtape:

FIRST! ANBAD’s love for the gonzo aural splashings of Lisbon’s Youthless is well known. They have released a steady stream of terrific lo-fi, hi-tempo, uber-hooky scuzz-pop songs for a while now; Drugs is just another step on the road to that point in the future where crowds everywhere get off to their infectious enthusiasm.

SECOND!  Greetings are a Cardiff-based band on the amazing Owlet record label, and this if You Make Me Crazy is a sign of things to come, once they’ve gigged themselves to death in Wales, their forthcoming releases should be something to look out for.


THIRD! Min Diesel are only partly on ANBAD due to their punning name: they’re also cropping up here because the crunchoid rock-gusto of The Roaring Twenties seems to fall apart as the song progresses, and it sounds ace as it does so:



FINALLY! If The Ludlow Thieves are in fact based in Ludlow, they’re probably a bunch of porkers, because Ludlow has more delicious restaurants per square foot than almost anywhere else in the UK. If they are chubby rockers, then you can’t hear the fat-breathing on To Travel:

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