Madegg: Soft and Wet

Having been introduced to the concept of music being created automagically via crowd-rated, randomly generated noise snippets, I’m starting to wonder just how long this has been going on under other guises.

As far as conspiracy theories go, it’s a pretty hopeless and wildly unthreatening one – there is no Chillwave grassy knoll (or is there?) – but think about it: when computer-generated music starts becoming as good and inventive as the stuff produced by pesky humans, how will you feel?

Who will you idolise? Which way will you stand at the gig if there is just a laptop on the stage and a whizzy lightshow?

Madegg can’t answer all of these questions. But he can manipulate snippets of sound into dreamy montages in a manner that, I’m fairly sure, means he almost certainly a real live human.

I mean, maybe. Who or whatever made it, Bluu Forms does drip with humanity, despite – or perhaps precisely because of – the stop/start judder of its crazed, loopy and soft waves of noise.

Madegg has deftness to spare: his songs are punchy but thin, warped but stiff and rigid, loud and agonisingly gentle. These songs are simple, meandering journeys into the mind. Excellent.


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