Lokrian: Six Months On

I’m still pinching myself to confirm that the BBC was indeed foolish enough to ask me to pick a whole bunch of barely-pronounceable bands to be played on the Now Playing show on 6 Music last night.

Despite complicating proceedings immeasurably for host Jon Hillcock, the show went as well as could be imagined; yet as another day rolls by, ANBAD still creeps ever-onwards into another wave of new bands and new songs.

Such is life.

Anyway, in the interests of balance, here’s a song that could only really have been designated as ‘new’ about six months ago, when I meant to write about it, but then unceremoniously forgot about.

Lokrian’s Green and Yellow is a song that may or may not be about Norwich City Football Club. Officially, it’s Dubstep, but don’t let that put you off, hey?

Dubstep has quickly garnered a poor reputation, and for good reasons, all of which are too long-winded to mention here (but an obsessive focus on The Drop has quite a lot to do with it).

But songs with an actual interest in sonic exploration and groove, coupled with an understandable fascination on bowel-troublingly deep bassy sounds?

Well that’s just fine and dandy. Wub Wub Wub.

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