Girl Band: Closure/Disclosure

Fine: so I’m still giving preferential treatment to bands with great or amusing or unusual or merely stupid names.

I’m pretty much over the self-loathing connected to this practice now. I have gained closure. I have forgiven myself.

This is for one very simple realisation that ought to have come my way a while ago, but naturally, didn’t: part of the point of picking a good name in the first place is to get the attention of shallow, easily impressed people like me.

So I instinctively like Girl Band, because, you know: they’re not a girl band.

Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe it’s true. I’m not sure: but perhaps, after few years in the doldrums, guitar bands are beginning to adapt and survive. I mean, Conductor isn’t a revolutionary rock song, but name one of those from recent times.

What Conductor is, though, is a song of vim and verve: angular rock for the right reasons, alive, and with its heart lodged in the right place. And as a side issue, I’d like to hear an actual girl band cover this song. I hear Girls Aloud are angling for a comeback single…

NB: Girl Band are another from the “Bands I Meant To Write About Six Months Ago” file that I re-discovered last week. Sorry for the tardiness, Girl Band.

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