ExR (Feat Lady Leshurr) – Song X From Tomorrow

Because ANBAD is so stupidly and relentlessly determined to look in the other direction to everyone else, I often feel just as out of the loop as the majority.

I mean, I think I know what sounds good – but is the The Sound Of Now? And how do you define that?

I think the only real way you can try to get a handle on that is by asking whether Song X sounds like it comes from tomorrow.

And t0morrow, in the world of new music, is as close to being today as you can hope to get.

Thus, ExR – or Etta Bond and Raf Riley to their significant others – have produced Song X, in the form of the inexplicably terrific Boring Bitches.

ExR Feat. Lady Leshurr BORING BITCHES

So while I figure out ways of making this blog less deeply un-zeitgiesty, wallow in the manic brilliance of Boring Bitches: a song that pierces the fabric of not only today’s self-obsessive culture, but also gets to the heart of what’s wrong with it – a total lack of fun.

Boring Bitches represents a high watermark in many respects – it’s a song with a wicked sense of humour, and the sound of the future, all condensed into one pop-culture nugget. Excellent.

MORE: emergency-room.co.uk

NB: Another rarity – here is the video to accompany Boring Bitches, which is far too brilliant to ignore:

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