Algiers: Crude Jokes

The most exciting aspect of tonight’s Olympic™ Opening Ceremony™ is perhaps not trying to guess whether the rumoured “Glastonbury style moshpit” will excitedly jump about to socially acceptable “moshing” music, or actual Extreme Noise Terror hits; but what kind of soundtrack to the event Underworld are going to produce.

As much as my new-band leanings lead me to believe that D/R/U/G/S would have done just as fine a job, Underworld or Orbital were pretty much the only choice for the role, assuming you want to pick a brilliant techno duo who make amazing soundtracks for films that don’t exist.

So, whilst I pray for tonight to feature a three-hour version of Rowla, here’s a crude joke: what’s 7 inches long and full of blood? Answer: the 7″ single from Algiers, called Blood, of course.

Algiers are the final band from this week’s tranche of Bands I Meant To Write About A Couple Of Months Ago. It’s OK, though: Algiers are still a new band, honest.

Blood is a weird, compelling hybrid of teeth-rattling bass and slo-mo swamp-blues: vast, dense, complicated and lusty. It’s not uncommon for bands to try and meld two disperate genres these days, but to actually pull it off and make the result sound coherent is another matter. Algiers may take a well-deserved bow.


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