Wamoo Papez: Syrup

Hey, while we’re pondering on obscure band names, take a gander at the moniker of Wamoo Papez; who has christened himself with a name that may mean something, or it may mean nothing.

You’re not really supposed to know, I think.

Certainly, it’ll give you something to think about as you get lost in the sweatily nightmarish, vibed-out, worn-tape stutterings of Elise, a song that seems to compile itself as it progresses from jabbering beginnings to luxurious endings.



Some songs feel beamed-in from a parallel universe, albeit one that only seems a few degrees away from the one we inhabit.

Elise is one of these songs, rumbling, spacious; shades of grey where time slows to a syrupy pace.

Elastic, deep and dark, Wamoo Papez keeps his cards so close to his chest they practically hug his heart. Great.


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