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If we take for granted the notion that most bands have accepted that their only source of “jackpot” money now – that is, money that arrives in amusingly large quantities, of the sort that Noel Gallagher used to receive with frightening regularity in the music industry’s “good” old days – is to come from sponsorship and corporations, isn’t it time that these modern-day Medicis put a bit more thought into what they offer to the public in return?

I mean, I’m all for having Mmoths soundtracking a Bodyform advert, for example (NB: this has not happened. Yet.), but wouldn’t it be better for all involved – artist, audience, The Man himself – if they were asked to create something new, as Gatwick Express have?

Making dull train commutes whizz by with specially-commissioned music sounds awfully close to being a public art project, and I’m all for that.

And if we’re happy handing over all of our personal info to Facebook in exchange for  being able to post photos of our meals, shouldn’t we be happy when one that’s merely interested in our cold, hard cash gives us a creative way to pass the time in return?

So our German band of the day, Museum, ought to start pitching themselves to the Deutsches Museum to see if there’s any mutually useful tie-in opportunities available. They might make a mint, or at least get free entrance passes for a year.


Robotic yet neatly humanoid, here’s a song that tricks the listener into expecting one of those laptop-generated pop songs that are fluttering about everywhere at the moment, all clipped-crackle-and-tight-snare-drums – and yet it quickly mutates into a thoughtful, careful and slippery glance inwards. Nice.


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