MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 27th June 2012

Today’s Midweek Mixtape ticks all the requisite boxes: an artist with an animal in the band name, odd breakbeat-pop, misspelings (geddit?!?), music from days of yore (OK, pre-electronica glut) and music from a part of the world that isn’t particularly remote, but – frankly – hasn’t produced any music I’m au fait with (not that that means much).

Fine, no more brackets (or ‘parenthesis’, if you like). Whoops.


FIRST! Tiger Waves began their pitch explaining how they have squandered chances and got things wrong. I like people who have failed, because failures keep coming back and eventually do it right, which is exactly what Weekends is: a song that is glistening with the confidence only gained by surviving past disasters.


SECOND! Gitar embrace the happy lunacy of mis-spelling: but what effect did it have on your expectations? Were you anticipating heavy RAWK, like me, or did you spot the lop-sided hip-hoppy, jangle-pop that songs like Electrical Air exhibit?


THIRD! ANBAD has been awash with silky smooth, gentle-n-drifting electronic music recently, and for good reason: it’s all that The Kids are making at the moment. So hearing old-fashioned guitar music that fulfils the same light ‘n’ spaced criteria, it’s an unnerving jolt, but one I’m welcome for Angus Powell to provide.


FINALLY! Really, when was the last time you listened to any Slovenian music? Paoli has combined a smattering of strange de-tuned samples into a song that may not have survived on its own, but has been enriched with these simple additions. A bit like adding milk to bread dough, except less indulgent.

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