Headaches: Jenga For The Ears

ANBAD has been fastidiously avoiding the Queens’s Jubilee this weekend, and has been buried in the pageantry-free chaos that is Youtube’s collection of once-rare music videos as means of escape.

This, and a conversation regarding bootlegs and their relative valuelessness today, made me wonder: how do bands ever find visceral, piercing influences now?

I can remember the exact time, place and effect of seeing a late-night clip of David Bowie performing “Be My Wife”, from the honest-to-goodness-perfect Low album. I never saw it again until Youtube appeared ten years later, but I spent that decade fuelled by the memory of its white-out, spaced-out weirdness.

But its scarcity elevated this short video clip to full-on fetish status. And now, it’s discoverable, re-watchable and disposable in seconds. Is this lack of scarcity another form of creative fuel, or bewildering in its limitlessness?

Maybe this information overload is one of the reasons a whole lot of new music is so fragmented, chopped and skittering. Headaches, for example, stitch together a fluster of snippets to create something confusing, complex and coiling.


Oh Honey thrashes softly in its own environment, building from the clatter of sticks to a full-on throb, slivers of sound carefully stacked like aural Jenga.

I suppose in this way, Oh Honey also shares Low‘s Side-A knack for quick shots of pop music buzz, albeit now they exist in fractions of a second, rather than two-minute pop songs. This is a welcome, if dizzying, development. Great.

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