Hanetration: Odd, But Alive

Does confusing music derive from a confused mind, or our confused times?

Is the succession of complex, uncomfortable and intentionally difficult music an projection of its creators complex mind or is it the fact that the endless roll-out of technology makes the act of exploring the nuts and blots of sound and music itself easier to perform?

Hanetration’s songs could barely me labelled as music, and yet there is something intriguing about them.

Where does the song end and the series of collated noises begin? Are these questions the point of making Rex in the first place?


There’s no real rhythm to Rex. Sure, there are shuddering beats here and there, but it is mainly a whirl of groans, drones and machine-made hiccups.

What the listener takes from this is up to them – it may be disgust, it may be furrowed interest. But I guarantee this: it will separate the curious from the closed-minded. Odd, but alive.

MORE: hanetration.bandcamp.com

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