Dan Leno: Dead (Good)

Is Dan Leno a man? A woman? A Victorian burlesque act? Or merely a puzzle to confuse us all?

I don’t think we’re supposed to know, and frankly, I like the idea of a band who bill themselves as a solo artist, confusing the unwitting audience members who have been as remiss to have not googled the band first. (Kids: real rock fans do internet research, yeah?)

Of course, all of the above is a moot point, unless you do go to gigs expecting the reappearance of (aforementioned) long-deceased Victorian burlesque acts. For Dan Leno are indeed, a band – one who make sweet ‘n’ sour jangle-pop, at that.


The World I Heard You Wait, light, fluffy and gentle, floats by quickly – so quickly that I missed it the first few times. But the fact that I kept re-listening, hankering after the connection with the heart at the centre of the song, speaks volume.

Because this is a song full of heart, of love and hope. And that’s just peachy, isn’t it?

NB: I suppose there are fewer tricky copyright issues naming yourself after a (very) dead bloke when compared to those that, say, Com Truise will/may face. Yet another complication for new bands to consider.

MORE: danleno.com

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