Autosave: Iceberg Wide

It’s no secret that the names a band picks for their various endeavours has a disproportionate influence on the  interpretation of their songs, albums and even the band itself.

So a song called The (Shit-faced) Memoir either has iceberg-esque hidden depths, or is so freakishly outré that it is clearly and wholly nonsense.

Autosave, on this evidence, must simply like to toy with their audience: the title tricks you into expecting fluff, and so dazzles when we learn it is the exact opposite.


Because The (Shit-faced) Memoir is dense, broad, complex and sincere.

It’s a song displaying adroit technical ability and an honest connection with humanity. The band uses synths as nature intended: gently, unironically, softly.

The song ebbs, flows, doubles back and rebirths without jarring, and as a whole, it retains the heaviness drawn from its lo-fi roots whilst striving for a delicacy and elegance all of its own. Excellently dense/light.


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