White Blush: Click ‘n Explore

In many ways the continued niche interest in the Chiptune ‘scene’ is to be expected: there is a certain sub-set of music nerds who will always be drawn to making music using the crunchy blurps from an old Gameboy or Commodore 64.

To these ears though, whilst a lot of the resulting songs are a nostalgic blast of fun, frustrations always arise: the sounds are too confined by their own limitations – all low-bit fuzz and bite, and not enough feel.

Maybe White Blush, in 808 Myst, has found the happy medium: using moderately ‘old’ tech (an 808) to draw influence from a 90s video-game favourite (Myst).

The clue, of course, was in the title.

This song is a success on both counts: it conjures up the minimalist leanings of a creepy click ‘n’ explore video game soundtrack, and balances nostalgia with obtuse individualism.

Moreover, 808 Myst is perfect music for a murder-mystery party game. White Blush really does have all angles covered. Totally 360° thinking – how very modern.

MORE: whiteblushh.com

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