Tom Kitty Oliver: Together, Today

Have you noticed it too?

That, as new music is becoming more the product of lone bedroom producers and become more indicative of an individual’s aesthetic, the songs become less interested in posturing, and more concerned with beauty and warmth?

In fact, Tom Kitty Oliver, the solo project of Andrew Hamlet, concerns itself with very little else: a cornucopia of gentle, deft and choice sounds that are both low-fi and luxe all at once.

Arcadian Divide is a swoon-some , gently buzzing with soft static and the rustle of life’s more menial, quiet moments.

In the past, labels would be rushing to fill compilation albums with this stuff. Now, we’re all label bosses, distribution heads and radio pluggers for our own world of music. Maybe that’sa good thing.

I have a strong suspicion that we’re in the midst of mining the richest vein of purely individual, wholly new music, and just haven’t fully realised it yet. Tom Kitty Oliver is another beautiful example of this new order’s slow revealing.

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