Peh Per Ghost: Smoke and Mirrors

After the world went slightly bonkers over the Coachella Tupac hologram,  it took a mere matter of hours for spoilsports to point out that, actually the ‘hologram’ was merely the modern implementation of a century-old magic trick called Pepper’s Ghost, using – yes! – smoke and mirrors.

Now. This is by-the-by in many ways.

But here was an old theatre technique, suddenly splashed all over the massed media – and then a couple of weeks later a new artist with the suspiciously similar name Peh Per Ghost crops up in my inbox.

The question is thus: is this artist so new that his or her name was only chosen within the last few weeks? Are we witnessing art feeding off itself at an unprecedentedly fast rate? Do you really care, or would you prefer to  hear this twitchy, punch-drunk slice of electronic dementia-cum-sound?


Much like everything nowadays – and you can include the above hypothesis in this – When It’s For You recycles, re-edits and re-aligns its influences, samples and ideas at a prodigious rate. Recognisable slivers of sound come and go, mutating before they are heard again.

Peh Per Ghost is constantly keeping us on our toes, always keeping one step ahead of the predictable. Brilliant and inventive.

This is music now – or a few days ago, when it was made – at least. That’s how fast things change now. We’ll never keep up: embracing old technology might be a smart move after all.

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