MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 2nd May 2012

As ANBAD continues its plunge into the dizzying depths of John Peel’s record collection, one is reminded that Alex James was once a member of a band who were deemed brilliant enough to actually record a John Peel session at Peel Acres itself.

Blur’s musical output never hinted of days to come when certain band members would be reduced to flogging ASDA cheese – in effect, pouring molten cheese-shame onto the great John Peel himself.

Sigh. At least they both look happy about it.


FIRST! Red Cosmos may have made one of the most wilfully obtuse, uncool and angular records of the year in St Alban’s Colour Explosion, which begins with Byrds-y psyche, re-routes via folky noodling, and finishes in a throbbing choral swirl-house.

Anarchic, and so crazy it really shouldn’t work, but wholeheartedly does. Great.


SECOND! Sirens, Camp Stag‘s new single, is one of those quiet-loud songs that suddenly mutates into a middle eight that you think you already know, but, apparently, don’t. Now that’s a good sign.


THIRD! Hot from the “meant to write about this in January” pile are Violas, a Cardiff band with so much  energy, curious noises must come to them  fully formed. Their songs are fun, pop riddles. Wish I’d written about them when I meant to:


FOURTH! Andrew Butler has made the kind of star-struck, star-crossed, lush ‘n’ quiet folk music that most guitar pluckers dream of making, but never get close to. Lovely:

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