Henri Devereaux: Droop-Step

I met a lot of lovely Nordic people at The Great Escape in Brighton last week. Most people from that part of the world tend to be heinously pleasant, helpful and kind. It’s enough to warm the blackest of hearts.

Indeed, one of them went the extra mile and gave me the worst cold known to man, and now ANBAD towers is awash with phlegm, grumpiness and empty Aspirin packets.

Of course, not all of our chipper Nordic chums dispense cold germs so freely: Henri Devereaux‘s subtly thunderous Daydreamin’ has been in my hands for all of 18 hours, and has not made my curent illness worse, which is all the proof I need.

Daydreamin’ is one of those ebb-and-flow songs that are cropping up a lot at the moment, and frankly, I’d love to be the idiot hipster ‘tastemaker’ that came up with the glib phrase that describes the genre. Droop-step? Throb-house? Sweep-hop?

Whatever it is, Henri Devereaux has made a song of careful clattering, soft pulses and snow-bright shimmer. A possibly genre-spawning triumph.

MORE: soundcloud.com/henridevereaux

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