Fortune Howl: Jigsaw Kaleidoscope

If we take for granted that the process of making music has revolved almost 180 degrees in the recent years, the next hypothesis to ponder over is: How far can the novelty extend?

Laptops, pirated software and time is all that’s needed – and isn’t it funny how the music produced has similar characteristics?

Yes, of course musical fashions come and go, but is it a coincidence that he bulk of music produced with this technology is juddering, elegant and sunny; a series of carefully pieced-together musical jigsaws?

Or is it that now collaboration between musicians is a choice rather than necessity, we are discovering, on a grand scale, our society’s default musical desires? Reveal all, Fortune Howl!

Falling Up is a modern case in point. It is a short, deliciously sweet and curious songlet, its constituent parts swirled together like caramel and ice cream.

It exists purely in boundaries defined by its own ambition. It’s beautiful and complicated, just like life itself.

And maybe this is why music like this is becoming prevalent. We can detect complexity, beauty and an individual’s touch permeating throughout. This is what we want, and maybe now we are getting what we want, too.


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