Elkaset: Fortunate

One of the more interesting aspects of the recent explosion of electronic music in the USA is the way that, suddenly, music that was overlooked in the States in previous years is being gobbled up at a prodigious rate.

Be it in the original form or new artists cannibalising old songs for new ideas, suddenly a genre like minimal house is no longer passé – it’s being freshly reproduced, revised and thrust into the future again.

Even non-US producers can capitalise on this. And who would begrudge Elkaset from benefitting from such a fortuitous set of circumstances?


And benefit they should: the Irish duo have assembled a song of sounds that suggest humanity and heat, whilst retaining the essential rigidity of sparse house music.

When Every Night starts pulsing harder, throttling up and shooting star-ward, spinning its own convoluted vocal sounds around itself and finally taking off, you’ll be pleased there is still room for this music, and these sounds – and that, whilst the music industry in on its knees, we’re finally starting to tap into the best new music. Great stuff.

MORE: elkaset.com

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