Cherenkov Riddim: Let’s Get Physical

Tributes in pop music usually fall into one of two camps: bullshit braggadocio aimed at incarcerated rappers, or mawkish Sting-sampling nonsense in remembrance of slain rappers.

But how often do you hear tributes to mega-brained physicists? And how often are they dubby lo-fi skanks peppered with quotes from the great man – Richard Feynman – himself?

A rhetorical question, of course; as much as I’d prefer the charts to be packed with philosophical physics-based smash hits, The Kids might just keep plumping for new Jessie J drivel.

More the reason to embrace Cherenkov Riddim‘s deliciously fun, upbeat and skewed Feynman Riddem while we have the chance.


France has long been the root of much of the more enjoyably bananas dance music, and why should Cherenkov Riddim buck the trend? This is a song in which the artist realised that life is too short to produce something as dull as serious dance music, and instead upped the fun with brilliant results.

Finally: imagine if your physics lessons at school were imparted in this manner instead of the usual hazily-chalked diagrams of magnets and wobbly charts. Mankind would have conquered the solar system years ago.


One thought on “Cherenkov Riddim: Let’s Get Physical

  1. This song is pretty cool, and after checking out some of their other songs, I found a couple other good ones (all in all, the band is really my cup of tea, but they have their high points).

    Nice find.

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