Aeirs TV: A Cult Above

Some artists must accept from their very inception that they will never have a number one record. I like those bands.

Some artists must also accept that they will never exceed ‘cult status’ – that quasi-mythical state where everyone cool says they like your music, but rarely actually buys it. I like those bands even more.

Now, I’m not guaranteeing that Aeirs TV will garner cult status.

I’m not even guaranteeing that  his astonishingly dense, blunt, pulsing techno would cause people to memorise song titles and casually drop them into chin-stroking pub conversations.

I merely hope this will be the case, because Lies is bloody brilliant.


I’m fully aware that a steely static throb is not most people’s idea of a smash hit, but this is not music for those people, as we’ve already established. Instead, this is techno for the awkward people; the people who prefer to find the beauty in the muck, or enjoy the sound of wind whistling past their ears.

Beacuse that’s what Lies is, really – the act of extracting rhythm, repetition and – yes – groove from a slim selection of radio buzz, electrical humming and insistent, warped cries. A rare delight for some, and pure pain for others – just as it should be.

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