Theoish: Whale Music

There’s a thin line between the music found on, say, your average Boards Of Canada track, and those CDs of calming Whale Song music you can buy at petrol stations.

Maybe it’s worth noting that I say this as an enormous fan of Boards of Canada – albeit one who is puzzled by the possibility that music of that ilk works on a fundamentally different level to your bog-standard buzzy guitar-pop song.

There is nothing to prove that Theoish is a whale, but – intriguingly – nothing saying that he isn’t, and so we must remain in taxonomic limbo whilst enjoying the slovenly charms of his down-tempo music.

Roobios is so brazenly calm, it’s almost a shock when the delicate and persistant drums begin: and then the song threatens to break out into something a lot more frenetic.

It doesn’t of course, and that’s exactly how it should be – a carefully waxing and waning musical hinterland of soft sounds, organic wobbles and plush bass pulses. Lovely, sleepy, calm.


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