Silent Enjoyment: Sublime Sterility

In an era where the mere act of opening a laptop plunges the user into a bottomless pit of sequencers, instruments and composition, where does one begin?

The questions pile up thick ‘n’ fast – which BPM is preferable in today’s fast-moving musical climes? Why select this echo-laden bleep over that one? Will your finished piece be written off as Neo-Witch House? (The horror).

Thus, I’m always thrilled to hear music that has simply been made at all: its mere existence is the result of beating the odds.

I’m even more thrilled when it sounds, at the very least, like its maker tried to go against the grain a bit – an idea I’m sure Silent Enjoyment are familiar with.


From Tulsa To Des Moines may well perfectly describe the sounds that would settle easily on a journey as described in its title. Silent Enjoyment claim to have channeled Cologne techno, Hip-hop and Scandi-pop into their luxuriantly calm, near-sterile, icy-dance music.

I’ll, naturally, take their words for it, but I wonder how much is a result of picking the first appropriate noises that they stumbled across, working with them, and letting the slo-mo, chilly vibes unfold from their subconscious. Either way, the song is dreamy, efficient and addictive.


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