She Ripped: Disproportionate

Wales, as has been noted in many outlets on many occasions, produces a disproportionate quantity of good music for a country of its size.

It’s always been my theory that part of this can be chalked up to the – ahem – stubborn Welsh demeanour, a mindset fuelled by years of being on the receiving end of a bad deal from the big, grumpy country it borders.

Still, hundred of years of cultural oppression is a small price to pay for some great pop music, right?

She Ripped hail from Cardiff, and are another band who are struggling to get out of Wales – so that they can get back in again. Wales provides a funny route map. It won’t matter so much if they keep spitting out angular, outré, outsider songs like Ultra-Social Happy Man.


Angry in its own lethargic manner, Ultra-Social Happy Man might even feel a little disassociated with itself. Maybe the band are angrier than they think.

Whatever the collective state of mind, She Ripped take great delight in songs that turn abrupt, jagged corners, and thrust the results at us – ostensibly in expectation of appreciation, but I suspect they’d be just as happy with disgust. They’ll only find the former here. Great, cranky stuff.


One thought on “She Ripped: Disproportionate

  1. Jake from She Ripped told me to tell you how awesome they are. they are really awesome.

    i have complied.

    now let go of my balls you scurvy shyster.

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