Sauna: Pile Up

As happens periodically, ANBAD’s New Bands Mountain™ teeters, shakes and collapses, exposing the unlucky few that somehow got suffocated for months underneath the whole – stupid, imaginary – pile.

Such a momentous virtual avalanche has occurred again, and, as usual, the quality of the band that was turned up has made me question my band prioritisation system.

No time for a more rigorously-implemented system right now, though: Sauna’s songs were whelped into the big, bad world a good six months ago.

Unfortunately, it was to a reception of idiots like me who promptly filed them under ‘Z’ or something, instead of zipping them straight onto ANBAD.


There’s always a feeling of conflict when I hear a song like Glitter Party between the the part of me that wants every song to be on the bleeding edge of, like, sonic experimentation, yeah? and the part of me that just wants to boogie to some yelpy pop music.

Again: no time to think. Just flail awkwardly on the ‘floor of your local indie disco to Glitter Party‘s twangy spasmoid surf pop and confirm to yourself, like I did, that sometimes the oldest tricks are the best.


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