MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 11th April 2012

This week’s Midweek Mixtape dispenses with the need for a manipulated photo of Alex James (for the desperate, check last week’s gloomy-cheese special), simply because when truly special unedited pictures like the one on the left turn up, why bother to doctor it?

Thanks, as always, to Mr. James, for providing a winning metaphor for ANBAD: a machine endlessly churning out apparently-delicious morsels that often, on closer inspection, turn out to be mostly pig-anus.


FIRST: Hey, who knows if Flow Revere’s music is legit or not? This kind of detail bothers some people, you know. Others, like the artist in question, just get on with making music that is insanely fun, just like Contemporary Street Ragz.


SECOND: The Preachers have a delightful typeface on their artwork. It makes the difference, you know. Their shang-a-lang chop-rock is the kind of thing that everyone will find room for.

THIRD: Man Vs Nature – isn’t that a reality TV show? If not, it ought to be – and it ought also be soundtracked by thoughtful and pleasant songs like this one from the slinky, seductively dour Young Believers.

FOURTH: Iris Ation feat. Tropical Fantasy busted into the American Museum of Natural History to sneakily film the video for their deeply bass-o-matic, rumbling bleep-pop song. Nice video, smash hit song.

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