Andrea: An Uncertain Ratio

One day Bad Panda Records will stop releasing good songs by great undiscovered artists on their admirably free-spirited, free-thinking label.

But a delve into their amazing back catalogue of releases indicates that the hit ratio they have managed so far will continue for a long time, possibly beyond merely mortal lifespans.

Thus we can stop worrying about an impending (Bad) Bad Panda-pocalypse and continue filling our boots with glorious low-end sunshine-songs like Andrea‘s Work The Middle (Kodak to Graph Rmx).


As The Kids veer further away from guitars and more towards laptops and samplers, a strange thing is unfolding before our very eyes: we’re witnessing the shunning of old rock posturing, and the embracing of sonic delicacy.

So Work The Middle is, despite its of-the-moment beats and bass wobbles, a delicate and thoughtful song, more in tune with the brain and the groin rather than the sneer and the fist.

Songs like Andrea‘s are the future: maybe not sonically, but in intent. But right now, this is just perfect. An almost sublime song.

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