Paus; Plus: We’re On A Road To… Somewhere

ANBAD rarely gives plugs to other websites, simply because ANBAD Towers is a haven of loathing, envy and Schadenfreude, but occasionally an email plops wetly into the ANBAD inbox that tramples over such rules.

So when recording engineer Nicholas O’Brien emailed me to let me know he was starting a project that involved cycling to unknown, unplanned places and recording a new band a day, his cojones ensured that admiration overrode any other latent feelings.

Simple plans are almost always the best: Nicholas will cycle to his first destination, record an artists, put the recording online, and then allow the person he’s just recorded to dictate where he rides next. He’s like a wandering minstrel, except other people do the singing part. His endlessly admirable endeavours are here:

Paus may or may not have embarked on such ludicrous missions to achieve their own recording bliss. You, dear reader, will need to embark on no jaunt of your own to listen to their polyrhythmic, rolling clutter-pop, of course. Modern technology has put paid to that.


Deixa-Me Ser cuts a deep groove of its very own right from the start; high and taut, bright and glistening. Some bands dash their songs against the rocks through over-complication; others know that carefully weaving complexity into their songs allows them to soar.

Paus are, of course, this band. Their songs are agonisingly complex to the causal ear – I am sure they can pick every individual element apart with ease. Us mere mortals can simply lounge in the haze of dreamy sounds, lazily stretch out our limbs, and enjoy.


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