Mujuice: We Found Noise In A Hopeless Place

SXSW is, on the whole, no place to discover new bands (see yesterday’s post for further explanation/muddying of the issue).

Put simply, SXSW may once have been a place for bands to visit, slog the venues and swat away record deal offers until the right one is thrust at them, but no longer.

Just like that other place of music discovery, the internet, there are now so many bands milling around in Austin, TX, that the white noise drowns out any individuals.

Thus most of the bands have already been ‘discovered’ in a business sense – most already have a deal of some kind – and the act of discovery may not even extend to the punters themselves: anyone who has read a major music blog over the last six months will be aware of the majority of the bands attending.

Not all, though: here is Mujuice, a Russian knob-twiddling, pad-pounding, head-nodding musician, who I saw playing his second ever US gig at – yes – SXSW.

The beauty of Mujuice’s songs, like St. Sebastian, is that they are clearly rip-roaring floor-fillers whether you’re watching him produce all the sonic insanity live or listening in your bedroom with the lights turned down.

St. Sebastian bobs, weaves and has huge reserves of cunning: the song sounds vastly more complex than it actually is. This is no backhanded compliment – much of the electronic music now created is over-thought, over-wrought and over-complicated by production.

Mujuice takes a raft of delicious, interesting noises, and weaves them expertly into something truly brilliant.  Worth a trip to Texas to see (if you’re so inclined).


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