Mesita: A Dusty Collapse

The ANBAD output, you may have noticed, has ground resolutely to a halt over the last few days.

For once it’s not due to the fabled ANBAD New Band Demo Mountain finally collapsing under its own weight and swamping me neck-deep; but due to my de-camping to Austin, Texas, where I’m helping to throw spanners in the works whilst the Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel gears up for SXSW.

It would follow that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would allow me to feature plenty of Austin-bound bands on ANBAD, but that would be almost too simple, right?

Instead, here’s Mesita, who – as far as I’m humanly aware – are not playing

SXSW, but such is the bloated and confused nature of the festival that they may well be here somewhere, sleeping on a dusty floor and facing a punishing schedule of gigs in tiny back-rooms.

If they are indeed here, the throngs of Austin would do well to put down their free Mountain Dew merch, leave the Bikini Bar on 6th Street, and hunt them down.

Because Mesita’s Everything Is Burning is a deceptively contorted, hazy, mescal-pop song, that takes pleasure in its own dusty colourful nature.

As the song builds, deflates and then rummages itself together again, the feeling of deep comfort and happiness within the band becomes clear. A moment of clarity made melodic. Great.


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