Inventors: Involving, Industrial

Of all the things that SXSW is – sprawling, overly dense, thrillingly involving – it’s perhaps the things that it isn’t which give it true identity.

Thus, SXSW is a place that isn’t a proving ground for new bands on the cusp of discovery, and it isn’t a place to come for anything other than an extended good time/exercise in deeeep networking.

Those are not bad things, but are close to the truth. SXSW is a well-oiled machine, designed to pump people, bands and media in, and churn money, power and influence out.

Inventors understands the value of simplified process too.

There is a calming metronomic simplicity in mechanically evolving songs like Schizophrenics; songs that select base functionality over of-the-moment genre-ified effects.

Thus, Schizophrenics pulses with fanatical insistence, its choppiness multiplying the effectiveness of the song’s ambition, rather than stifling it. Simplicity and patience are its enviable virtues.

Mildly warped sample-snippets pile precisely on top of one another, and the song doesn’t build as much as it self-assembles. Inventors provides a taut, slight, laser-guided exercise in dance groove. And it’s brilliant.

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