Asa Milbankx: Aside, Asunder

Shoddily, ANBAD has not been updated for a day or two – more than a minor misdemeanour for a blog with a rod-for-your-own-back title such as this one.

Mere laziness, for once, is not to blame; unusually, ANBAD has hitched its wagon to something interesting, and is heading down to SXSW in Texas to help hinder progress in constructing the monumentally exciting Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel.

Some wags may point out that being involved in an event like this is, in itself, exactly the wrong reason not to blog about new bands. Well, yes, indeed.

But here’s a rearguard-action post about Asa Milbankx – a new band formed from bits of older bands that has made a song, in Angry Sun, that is deftly endearing and sunnily brilliant.

(MORE here, BTW:


This new-band-from-the-dregs-of-another point is of huge importance. One of the chief attributes that I find in the new-new bands is their rawness; their greenness revealing old traits in wholly new ways.

When a new band is formed from another – if only as a side project, like this – everything changes. And so it proves with Asa Milbankx’s lithe, hypnotic effort; a song that worms its way into your mind beguilingly and lingers coquettishly.

The song is beautiful in almost every way. Part of me wants to advise you to force yourself not to listen now, and to save it for summertime, where it will soundtrack lazy, hot days.  But that would just be rude.


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