Urrrgh: But, What If…

Whilst I am as tired as you are of hearing dull people claim that there is ‘no good music at the moment’, sometimes, in moments of weakness, I wonder if what they really mean – ‘there are no new good and easily-accessible guitar rock bands at the moment‘ – might have a kernel of truth.

What if all guitar rock music as we know it has been done? What if there’s no innovation left to unearth, and the Sonic Youths of this world have exhausted it?

What if the White Stripes were actually guitar rock’s last, glorious lap of honour?

Anyone who observes new music at the moment can see that the home-recorded loner-pop executed on keyboards and samplers and laptops is much more abundant and fascinating than most guitar bands.

15 years ago, Urrrgh may have felt that his only route of expression was through a guitar and a Tascam 4-Track recorder. Not now.


__feyend_uh_leyet’s song name might mean something, or it might not. This isn’t important.

The song is a punchy, cheap ‘n’ cheerful, ode to defiant weirdness coupled with the kind of spruced-up melodies that 1980’s-era Pet Shop Boys used to whelp forth, spliced with urgent and fist-raised gut-bustin’ choruses.

And as such, Urrgh has proven he lives in just the right era: a time where mixing all this disparate elements can not only happen, but be made to work. Great.

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