MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 8th February 2012

Another week, another brief missive from the Great ANBAD New Band Pile That Threatens To Topple At Any Moment And Kill Us All.

Whilst stationed in Brooklyn, I’ve been missing most of the breathless reporting on what mildly-degrading actions Official ANBAD Mascot Alex James is undertaking this week.

Thus please accept another endearing image of our favourite bassist from the stockpile that has steadily built up.


FIRST! Front and, indeed centre on this week’s mixtape is the gloriously be-monikered Hooded Fang, who have spliced together kaleidoscopic (is there any other kind?) 1960’s psyche, naive-jangle-pop and a breathless sense of abandon that is almost beyond endearing. A fabulous start to any mixtape; a fabulous start to anything. Lovely.


SECOND! Anne-Marie Sanderson makes the kind of folky piano-driven music that never features on ANBAD. Don’t take it personally, Anne-Marie. Blue Room is a song that slips in, then slips out again: graceful and delicate.


THIRD! Reid has been on ANBAD before. And once before that, too. It’s not my fault, obviously – it’s his for continuing to make such smash-hit, thumping, widescreen house hits like this:


FINALLY! If you can’t include an experimental German artist called Astronaut Penguin on a blog like this, where can you? Devastatingly gauche and truly weird, this is exactly the kind of music that gets made and heard too infrequently for my liking. Bizarrely great.

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