MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 22nd February 2012

The more one accepts one’s role as ‘bemused bystander’ in the ludicrous carnival that is life, the more simple it becomes to spot the kind of intricate patterns and crazy coincidences that form our world.

Thus, when news arrives of Adele getting cut short at her moment of industry-determined glory at the Brit Awards, who else would be behind such a scheme, other than ANBAD’s favourite shameless ASDA-cheese-mongering, Sun-journalist Alex-James-From-Blur?

For once ANBAD doesn’t know who to feel more Schadenfreude towards.

These are troubling times.


FIRST! Could Goodnight And I Wish’s England’s Never Looked So Good be any more jauntily gentle? They are one of those very rare bands who feel as if they have formed organically from a gathering of friends who started playing songs together for fun and simply never stopped. A minor joy to behold.

>> Goodnight and I Wish

SECOND! Holy State are chunky. Not their waistlines, of course – which I am sure are lithe and sinewy – their songs, silly! Spacious and filled with dense RAWKnoise, Dial ‘M’ For Monolith will tick all your boxes, and then tick them again for good measure.

THIRD! HypeLIFER is one of the many bedroom producers who could never have found a musical output even five years ago, when they would be stymied by lack of resources, distribution and money. But now, they have it all, and we have delicate, intimate electric pop odes like this one. Phew.


FOURTH! Tu Fawning create polyrythmic, rolling pop songs that go somewhere. This is very important. Mystically heavy organs and guitars tumble over burbling beats. Delicious.

One thought on “MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 22nd February 2012

  1. Brilliant, pithy and so funny – and he played clean shaven and not smelling of cheese — Adele that is.
    Remember….. if you are too lazy to throw your own Brit out of the cot,, flip a finger!

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