MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 1st February 2012

A curtailed Midweek Mixtape this week, due to the fact that living out of a rucksack is not conducive to the Peak Music Bloggery™ that we have all come to expect/long for on ANBAD.

So, this week features less poking fun at Blur bassists, and more moving quickly on to the new bands.

Oh, OK then, there’s still room for a picture of Alex James looking foolish.


FIRST! You’d kind-of hope Hernia were a gut-bustin’ Sludge/Doom Metal band, and when Welcome To The Empire begins with a sample of, er, Hitler, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in luck. However, thankfully, it turns out Hernia actually produce lead-heavy craze-drone-trudge-rock, and I’m more than happy with that.

SECOND! Seeing as I’m in Brooklyn, it might be useful to feature a BKNY band: and lo, Town Hall are they. They make the kind of folk music I thought only existed in 15th century Somerset, but what do I know? Breezy, but close.

THIRD! Debt Collector has been on ANBAD, but there’s always a chance of another bite of this particular cherry, and when you produce low-key, lo-fi wobbly misery-pop songs like A=II (The Organics Vs. The Mechanicals), it makes it easy for me to ride slipshod over ANBAD’s “rules”.

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