Jaded observers of the new band whirlwind – also to be heard described as a “shitstorm” by the most jaded of the jaded – will attest to the pressure of being right.

Now people look to music blogs for guidance in which new music is cool, the heat is truly on.

A music blogger is only ever one tip of, say, Viva Brother, away from obscurity.

If you get it wrong, the cool crowd desert you in droves. And the cool crowd, like it or not, make up a huge proportion of music blog readers. Yes, I’m talking about you.

I try to pretend that I am unaffected by this pressure, but I can’t even fool myself convincingly. Thus I occasionally agonise over featuring a new artist, even though to do so is to dabble in the muddy pool of stupidity.

J£ZUS MILLION was an artist who gave me these misgivings, and as such has languished on the ANBAD shall-I-shan’t-I pile (yes, it exists) for a few weeks.

Of course, I wasn’t worried over whether his music was good or not – it’s great – but whether by featuring him on ANBAD, I was nailing my colours to firmly to a particularly cool mast, and that I’d never be able to keep up.

Oh, no matter. That Heat is a song of its time: warm, choppy, luxuriant sounds that pulse and grow and thrum and shimmer with a golden glow. The song may not have existed outside of computer screens at any point, and, for a change, that excites me.

J£ZUS MILLION is very now, and that’s actually important for once. Skrillex fans, please note: there is no ‘drop’ in this song.

MORE: facebook.com/jezusmillion

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