THE DRUM: A Cloud-Filled Dream-Nightclub

Sometimes people ask me “where music is going next.”

These are people labouring under the misapprehension that I, as a music blogger, have my “finger” on the “pulse”, when actually, nothing could be much further from the truth.

Regular readers know that ANBAD is not good at predicting and riding new waves of genrefied interest.

Today’s new band, The Drum, are probably hoisted high on a wave of their own creation however, and so for once maybe ANBAD is near the front of the curve. Or not. You choose.


What is fairly clear to these ears is that Run You is fairly now, whatever that really means.

Well, what it almost means is: a song is filled with the sort of swooshing, half-speed samples that are designed to wholly disorientate the listener, and spritzed with muffled punches of house drums ‘n’ synths.

It sounds like a particularly cosy dream in which you find yourself lost and sweating in a vast, cloud-filled nightclub at an uncertain time: in thrall to the rhythm, bewildered by the sheer fuzziness of it all.

In short: ace.

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