Sick Friend: A License To Ill

For the last few days, ANBAD’s internet connection has been madly spluttering like a Daily Mail reader at a Gay Pride  parade. Thus this post nearly didn’t get online at all, even in this wildly curtailed form.

This is fortunate, because Sick Friend are the kind of band you want to discover sooner rather than later.

There haven’t been many Canadian bands on ANBAD of late – not because Canada is lacking in good new bands (it’s positively teeming with them) – but because, well, them’s the breaks sometimes.


The Draft Dodger is lolloping and lazy, staggering like a happy drunk with a belly full of good, boozy tunes. And before we leave that terrible metaphor behind, how about this: here’s a song that makes musical decisions as drunkenly as the rhythm sounds.

Instruments sidle woozily in and then quickly out again, lyrics stumble and bump into one another, and the whole thing starts in a manner that suggests the real beginning has slipped the band’s memory.

These are all terrific positives in the cock-eyed world of rock ‘n’ roll of course, and Sick Friend make the sounds to accompany the most pleasant hangover you could ever imagine.


3 thoughts on “Sick Friend: A License To Ill

  1. Since my girl-friend is French-Canadian and I`m currently in Montreal, Canada at the moment (only for a few more days though), I`d be more than happy to ask around and compile a list of new Canadian bands to pass along to you Joe.

  2. Gareth, you’re the best. That would be awesome, thanks very much!

    I’ve heard Montreal is fantastic – have a great time amigo!

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