Room E: Soft Serve

Over the past couple of days, ANBAD has thrown all its possessions, including the incredibly weighty and seemingly less-important-with-each-passing-day CD collection, into a garage and headed over to New York for a few months.

This in itself is exciting for all sorts of reasons; but will chiefly allow plenty of opportunities to fully take advantage of NYC’s thriving, bustling new band scene and showcase plenty of New Yorkian talent.

(We could call it A New (York) Band A Day, or something. I’ll get back to you on that one.)

Anyway, having presented myself with such a unique cultural opportunity, today’s new artist, the terrific Room E, is straight out of the New York borough of… wait. He’s from San Diego. Close enough.

Mainline To The Core sounds like a line from a poor sci-fi movie (and perhaps it is), but it is emblematic of Room E’s oeuvre: snatches of this and that, collated in a manner that glosses over the limitations of these sound snippets as individual soundlets and rises to form a shimmering – nay, pulsating – mass.

Here’s music that fits: your moment right now, the artist’s moment right when he wrote it, that moment when you play it for the girl you’re trying to impress. This is how it ought to be.


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