MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 18th Jan 2012

Oh Alex James from Blur. Alex, Alex James. From Blur.

You once blew a  million pounds on Champagne. You were once the bassist in the brightest, breeziest Britpop band of all.

Then you made cheese. This is fine. I like cheese. My sister met you, and said you “smelt of cheese from three feet away,” which just enamoured you to her even more.

Now you hang with right-wing dolts at dull music festivals, make processed cheese for a KMART-owned company and write articles praising McDonalds for a Murdoch-owned right-wing tabloid.

Alex James. Pour your cheese. Pour your funny little cheese. Your cheese of SHAME.


FIRST! Ouisa Hound makes music that sounds almost curated, as opposed too composed. Gloom Roaming is earthy, dense and ethereal: you’ll need to re-align how you listen – let it hit you in waves, rather than as a whole. Calmly cunning music.


SECOND! Echö is a disorientating mix of whopping synth sounds, deeply layered electro-noodling, and overtly intimate/off-the-cuff lyrics. Bizarro-fresh.


THIRD! Seeing as ANBAD has gone a bit synth-crazy today, how about Puma Punk, who has melded bedroom pop with so much pulsing synth-y splashing it’s hard to know where the music stops and the human thoughts begin. Kind of.

FINALLY: ANBAD might be quiet for a few days over the next week or so – we’re relocating (temporarily) to New York, for all sorts of exciting reasons. More will be revealed soon, but for the time being, please be aware that any emails you send might be missed…

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