Dream Koala: Heavy Youth

As birthdays begin to whistle by, and the realisation that you’ll soon be halfway through slowly dawns, people begin to say inappropriate things to you, as if shifting their own mortality-panic onto someone else is either beneficial or kind.

And yet, continue they do, pointing out how a lot of people are younger than us these days, and have you noticed how the Younger Generation are inferior to us in some ill-defined way.

None of this is true: The Kids, as we already know, Are Alright. And the kid du jour, Dream Koala, is a 17 year-old French man-boy called Yndi.

Strictly speaking, Dream Koala‘s name is written as DRE∆M KO∆L∆, but time demands and the lack of appropriate Alt-code keyboard shortcut knowledge has resulted in a merely normal spelling of the name on ANBAD. Kids these days.

The beauty of youth is that it is endlessly rejecting the past, and in Alice, we hear a song that would unkindly be bracketed by lazier writers as Post-Dubstep, but is actually a world away from the clumsy World of Wub-Wub.

There’s a clumsy, out-of-time feel to the bassline, which contrasts nicely with the crisp precision of aggressive snapping noises that accompany it.

Dream Koala has created a song which exists on its own terms; as heavy as it is ethereal, misty as it is crystal clear, spiky as it is plaster-smooth. Ace.

MORE: dreamkoala.tumblr.com

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